Spa supplies are available in Asheville

Spa supplies and services are available at some of Asheville’s most popular spa centers, according to a new study by the Asheville Spa Association.

The spa associations research, released Wednesday, found that spa supplies and other spa services at more than 10 of Asheville-area spa centers were available in June.

“These are great, affordable options for our customers,” said Stephanie Trew, executive director of the Asheville spa association.

“It’s good to see so many options to choose from and it helps our customers find a spa that is the right fit for them.”

The Asheville Spa Centers report also found that some of the best spa experiences are when people go in with a group of friends, as long as they don’t have any reservations or don’t want to bring in guests with specific preferences, such as allergies or a specific skin type.

“The goal is to get people together and enjoy a spa experience together,” Trew said.

“For the most part, we are seeing a lot of fun and great experiences at spa centers in the area,” she added.

The study also found some spa services were still available in other cities, including Denver, San Francisco and Seattle.

The Asheville spa associations survey, which surveyed 1,800 spa operators across the region, found the number of spa centers was growing in Asheville, with the number at 734.

A survey of more than 1,000 local residents conducted in April found that Asheville had the third-highest number of registered spa centers with a population of 551,743, according the study.

More than half of the spa operators surveyed said they were expanding their services in the Asheville area.

The survey also found an uptick in the number and types of spa services offered by the area’s larger spa centers.

The Asheville Spa Center Association has reported on the growth of spa center operations in recent years.

In 2016, the association reported that there were 2,928 spa centers serving over 2,700 residents, compared to 1,907 in 2015.

The association said the number is expected to continue to increase in coming years.