Blue Water Spa Falls, N.Y. to Get a $200M Spa Castle

N.J. has taken the first step in a new $200 million expansion of Blue Water Spas spa, a major addition in the region’s historic blue water district.

The Blue Water Hotel and Spa, which opened in 2009, will include a new hotel and several spa-like rooms, the resort announced Tuesday.

The Blue Water Casino will have a hotel-casino and casino-style ballroom, as well as an expanded bar, bowling and other activities, the announcement said.

The hotel and spa have been in operation since the 1970s and have become a destination for locals and visitors alike, the statement said.

Blue Water Spans amenities include two outdoor pools, a spa, outdoor meeting rooms, outdoor lounges, and more.

The resort is currently in negotiations to sell the hotel, but has been assured it will remain open, said Jeffrey M. Stuckey, president and CEO of Blue Waters Spa Group, which owns the resort.

The resort has a goal to grow its hotel capacity to 2,000 rooms by 2025, the company said.

The project includes a hotel, spa, bowling alley and bowling alley-like activity spaces, a dining area, indoor and outdoor pools and a fitness center.

The spa’s most popular activities are a bowling alley, poolside fitness center, a steam room, indoor basketball court and a gym.

The new hotel-Casino will be a $40 million addition to the resort’s existing property.