When you need to get a foot spa treatment, where can you go?

A Florida man says he’s not the only person getting treatment at a foot-sporting spa.

The owner of a foot care company in Orange County says he gets regular customers asking for treatment at his home.

He says the people who come to his home for treatment are often in need of foot care.

He said that he has been getting calls from people in the past couple of weeks who want to get treatment for sore feet or have a foot massage.

He has been providing foot spa treatments since 2007.

He was asked if he would be willing to speak to ABC News about his business.

He told us that he and his staff provide foot care at his homes.

He has seen this many times before with a lot of people who are in pain and have been able to get some help for that.

He also says that he was surprised that he didn’t get a call from a patient who was in pain for two days.

“They’re asking me, I’m telling them, ‘Do you have any foot care products?’

And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I have a couple of products,'” he said.”

I’m a medical doctor, I don’t do foot care,” he said about his customers.

He said the people are in the midst of pain and that they have foot issues.

But he also said he does his best to treat people who have foot pain, even if it’s a little painful.

“My advice to the patients is just make it a good day.

We all want to have a good life and we all want a great time.

I would like to say it’s better for your health and I would say it makes you happier.

And I would just say, make it happen,” he added.

A lot of these people are people who live in the city, he said, and that could be the reason why they have to travel so far for a treatment.

The business owner says he has a few different treatments he is offering, including a massage.