How hot springs in Asheville could transform your life

Asheville-area spa owners are hoping a hot spring on the Chattahoochee River will give them more time with their families.

The Chattahoouan Hot Springs, located about 30 miles west of Asheville, is owned by Blue Ridge Hot Springs and is the world’s largest indoor hot spring.

The spa’s director of development, David Stott, said the Chattoochohouan is one of the best hot springs for families to spend time in and was the first one in North Carolina.

“It is a natural hot spring, but you can actually have a great summer day there,” Stott said.

“The temperature’s right and it’s just a wonderful experience for the people.”

Stott said the city was one of two that came up with the idea for the Chattohouans, but had to wait until it was ready.

“We were looking for a good location, the right size for the hot spring,” he said.

Stott hopes the Chattooshans will be a major draw for families in the future, adding that Asheville is a great place for people of all ages to enjoy a spa vacation.

“The Chattoohoua Valley is a very well-traveled part of North Carolina,” Stotts said.

The city’s hot springs have been around since the 1800s, but were never built to meet the needs of modern lifestyles.

Statt said the Chattanooga city council and the local community has been supportive of the Chattoyans’ proposal to expand the facilities and add more rooms to the spa.

“When we talked to the city council, the council said they’re really excited about the Chattoanas proposal and really supportive of it,” Sttt said.

“A lot of the people that were in attendance at the meeting were really excited that it was finally coming to fruition.”

Athletes, sports fans and residents alike are excited about what the Chattonoshot Springs would mean to the community.

“Our community really loves it and we know that we are bringing a lot of good vibes to the area,” Stuntts said, adding it is a win-win for the area and the Chattahomans.

“This is the way it should be,” Stantz said.