A look at what’s in the new Disney’s Frozen collection

The Disney theme parks are now rolling out a brand-new collection of spa treatments that are all made from the skin and hair of the fictional characters.

The latest to hit the parks include a facial scrub that uses the facial tissue to massage the skin of a bear, and a massage cream that is infused with a special skin-gel to create a natural-looking sealant.

The new products will hit stores in October, and the company has made no secret that they will be all made in the U.S. and with a local ingredient.

The facial scrub is made with coconut oil, which is commonly used in cosmetics.

It is made in Brazil, and it was created by the Brazilian beauty brand Eucerinica, according to a press release.

The moisturizer, meanwhile, uses a mix of coconut oil and sunflower oil, and was created in France.

The product is also vegan, which means it does not contain animal products.

The massage cream is a blend of coconut milk, coconut water and olive oil, but Disney says it is made from plants and is “natural and sustainable.”

The company did not disclose the price of the facial scrub.