How to use your nails for spa treatments

The best way to keep your nails healthy is to use them to treat your skin.

A new technique developed by scientists at Melbourne’s Royal Melbourne Hospital has found that using a spa machine or palm springs spa to massage your nails can have far-reaching health benefits.

The researchers used a new technique to measure how the body reacts to the use of a spa for massage therapy.

They found that the massage made people feel more relaxed and happy, and that it improved their blood circulation.

“This study shows that massage may be a valuable tool for those with chronic health conditions and to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, psoriniosis, dermatitis suppurativa and fibromyalgia,” the Royal Melbourne said in a statement.

They also found that when used to treat fibromyalgia, massage for more than three minutes a day improved blood flow and the patients’ symptoms.

“[The findings] indicate that massage can be used for many types of skin conditions and are promising in the field of cosmetic dermatology and therapeutic massage,” Dr David T. Lee, from the Royal Medical College of Victoria, said in the statement.

The study is published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Dr Lee said that the findings could be helpful for people with psoridiosis, which causes inflammatory skin disorders.

He said: “The use of massage to treat psoroid-type skin conditions could be beneficial for people suffering from psorosis and fibrosis, particularly if they are using an exfoliating and scrubbing system.”

A similar study published in January also found the use the palm springs and spa was beneficial for skin conditions including psoriatitis suppotiva, fibromyallodynia and fibrosarcoma.

Other experts have also been studying the benefits of massage therapy for skin issues, including psoriatic arthritis, psoriopharyngitis and fibroids.

A study published earlier this year in the journal Clinical & Experimental Dermatological Medicine found that people who used a massage for five minutes a week reported better skin conditions than those who did not.

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