Golden spa weekend: Exclusive: Exclusive pics of the Oasis Spa and Spa Vegas, plus the Golden Oasis spa

It’s been almost two years since the first Golden Oasi spa opened its doors to the public at the Westin Las Vegas hotel in May 2017.

The $6.3 million facility, with two pools, has attracted the attention of Hollywood actors, musicians and a host of other VIPs, who are regularly invited to stay at the spa.

Now, in 2018, the spa has opened its own location on the Las Vegas strip.

The Golden Oasis, located at 5200 Las Vegas Blvd., offers an array of spa services, including a 30-minute massage, a 30 minutes of self-massage, a 60-minute facial, a 15-minute session of massage, and a 30 minute group massage.

The spa offers daily spa treatments from 4am to 10pm, while the daily prices are $60 for the whole family, and $120 for single people.

The annual spa fees for the entire family range from $300 for a family of four to $450 for a couple.

For those who are interested in the most luxurious of spa treatments, the Oasi is offering a 50% discount on spa treatments up to $3,000 for couples and $3.50 for singles.

The Oasis is open to the general public and is currently closed to the media.

In addition to a daily spa treatment, guests can also take in a variety of relaxation and wellness classes and a massage studio.

The owners of the resort, who have built up a reputation for their spa services for decades, have also expanded their offerings to include private massage therapy sessions.

A full listing of the services offered by the spa is available here.