Santa Fe spa is in talks with owner for new master spa

SANTA FE, N.M. — With the winter weather drawing closer, owners of the new Santa Fe Spa in the city’s Chinatown are looking to move to an even more comfortable location.

The Santa Fe owner, Tony Rios, has been working to get a master spa up and running for at least a year and a half, and he wants to add a second one, his company says.

The first was built in 2010 and has now closed.

The new spa is being constructed by the same architect who designed the first master spa.

The master spa will have an open floor plan, a fireplace, a spa center, and a private patio with a pool.

Rios is planning to open the new master on the south side of the existing spa.

He has also hired a design firm to prepare the master.

He says it will cost about $600,000.

He said the master will open in late 2019, but he hopes to open a new master one in the spring or summer.

He plans to offer free spa services.

He wants the spa to be an institution.

Rio is a former master of the art at the San Diego Zoo.

He owns two other master of art-level master spas in Southern California.