Which spa is best for cold?


—  In the wake of the massive wildfires in Southern California, the state’s top fire marshal is looking for help finding places to freeze patients for the holidays.

Flooding has forced the evacuation of dozens of hospitals in Northern California and the state of Illinois, including the famed Crystal Spa in Midtowne, which is one of the busiest in the nation for cold weather patients.

Illinois Gov.

Bruce Rauner said the resort is one place that he and his staff are looking for.

The resort, which has hosted celebrity guests like Bruce Springsteen and Mark Ronson, said it has been flooded, and it will need to reopen in the coming days.

A spokesperson for Crystal Spa, Lauren Kocher, said the spa will be open as usual.

But she added that staff are being asked to stay in their homes to be safe and help keep patients safe from the wildfires.

“This is not something we’re looking to get into,” Kocer said.

As of Tuesday, more than 600 people were being transported to hospitals in the Northern California region, the spokesperson said.

Kocher said the fire was still moving in but was being contained, and that it was expected to be contained by Thursday.

Flights into the state from Los Angeles are suspended until further notice, but the airport is expected to reopen Thursday.

The evacuation order was lifted for Southern California on Thursday.

Illinois has been on edge since the fires in Southern and Northern California that destroyed more than 1,600 homes and businesses.

Last week, the governor said that the state was preparing to send up to 500,000 troops to fight the fires.

More than $5 billion was spent fighting the fires that burned through the Midwest and the South and caused more than $1 billion in damages, according to the Department of Emergency Management.

ABC News’ Dan Stessel contributed to this report.