Which hotel should you stay in Australia?

If you’re a fan of the luxury hotels and want to stay in one of the nation’s premier destinations for spa and spa services, you’re in luck.

With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the top hotels in Australia for spa, massage and naturopathy treatments.


Lux Spa: In the heart of Sydney, the iconic spa is located in the heart, Sydney CBD, close to the CBD.

Lux is known for its spa treatments, which are often seen in the form of a “breathing room” with a hot tub, massage chairs, steam room, and more.

The facilities are state-of-the-art, and it’s an amazing place to relax with a massage or a massage therapy session.

The spa also offers a wide range of massage services, from acupuncture and acupressure to homeopathy, and even herbal treatments and naturine therapy.

There are also many private rooms available.

The Spa, located in The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, is located near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the cost is $35 a day.

The room is fully wheelchair accessible, and has private bath and shower facilities.

You can also have private massage sessions, but these require a fee of $75.

The hotel has a good location in the CBD, which makes it perfect for a holiday or a business trip.


Spa Spa: Located in Sydney’s CBD, the luxurious spa has a great location.

This location is also very close to The Queen Mary Hotel and the surrounding area, and is only one hour drive from Sydney Airport.

The main Spa is located on the third floor of the Hotel, and features a private and open-air “bouncer” room, an indoor swimming pool, a private spa, and a wide selection of private massage and spa treatments.

The price of the spa is $90 a day, and there is a large range of private rooms.

The rooms are all wheelchair accessible.

The large lobby is surrounded by a large courtyard, and includes an area for a restaurant, a restaurant bar, a fitness centre, and private balconies.

The space is also decorated with the signature “Lux Spa” artwork, which is located at the entrance.

The cost of the Spa is $120 a day (excluding GST), and there are a number of private private rooms as well.


Spa Lava: Located just outside the CBD in Darlinghurst, the spa at the spa Lava is just 20 minutes away from the CBD and is a great place to take in the beautiful Sydney harbour.

Located on the second floor of The Queen Victoria Hotel, this spa is open all day every day and offers a spa treatment for $65 a day including the cost of admission.

The treatment is for people who have mild to moderate pain, or people who are suffering from some form of chronic pain, and comes in a variety of styles.

The first floor of Lava features a large spa room, a relaxing massage area, a sauna, and an open-plan, double-decker sauna.

There is also a private bath, and showers on the floor.

There also are private rooms with a spa water feature and the Spa’s famous “Lava Spa” sculpture.

The Lava Spa is only open on weekends and is open seven days a week.


Jade Lava Jade Lavalas is a tropical spa located in Darlinghills, which boasts a spa, wellness centre, massage room, sauna and more, for a discounted price of $35 per day.

Located in the area between Darlinghurst and Darling Harbour, the Jade Lascas is an upscale spa that has been in operation since 2002, and offers more than 200 massage and acupuncture services.

Jade has a beautiful location, located on a hill overlooking the CBDs waterfront, and boasts a stunning setting for a spa.

There’s a large private spa room in the main room, which has a saunas, an outdoor pool, an infinity pool, and sauna features.

There’re also private rooms on the balcony, which feature a spa shower and a saunière.

There will also be a large sauna area, which will also feature saunades and hot tubs.

The Jade Lasca has a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and will be a great destination for a weekend or business trip to Darlinghamps.


Jade Spa: A boutique hotel in Darlingville, Darlinghurst is home to Jade Spa.

Located near the Darling Harbour Bridge in Darlinghill, the hotel offers a number the spa treatments and massage services for a reduced price.

The resort is situated on a bluff overlooking the harbour, and provides a beautiful, private room with a saucy pool and spa shower.

The suite is well equipped, with private and out-of‑walls saunading areas, and heated saunade areas.

There have also been several sauna facilities