How to Get the Best Foot Spa in Walmart

Walmart has a number of great foot and spa locations that are accessible to all.

However, the most convenient foot and Spa locations are the ones with indoor parking.

The foot and spas are located in the Walmart parking lot and can be reached by public transportation.

Here are some tips for finding a great foot spa location: Use public transportation When walking through the Walmart shopping area, try to go on public transportation that has a short walk distance and/or is close to a Walmart store.

When you walk through a Walmart parking garage, always be sure to turn left on the sidewalk.

If you are in a hurry, turn right on the street and walk the length of the parking lot.

Parking lot parking is generally free but you will need to pay for parking on weekends or on holidays.

Walmart parking is typically $10 per day.

Be sure to check the map to see if your location is accessible.

Check the map for more tips.

If there are no public transportation options near your location, try a public parking garage.

Walmart has many parking garages around the country and some are accessible.

If your location doesn’t have public parking, consider renting an automobile and parking in the garage.

A garage is more convenient for a longer period of time.

A rental car can be used to make a long trip to a foot spa or to visit a Walmart near you.

Walmart offers a large number of rental car options.

The rental car service can be purchased online at

Check your rental agreement to make sure that you can get the best price.

For example, if your vehicle is listed at $80 per day, you might want to rent for $100 per day to make room for a large car rental.

If not, ask about the cost and try to negotiate.

For larger rental cars, Walmart is often a better option.

There is no charge for parking in a Walmart vehicle.

If parking in an SUV or truck is a problem, call the company to find out the best deal.

Be aware that Walmart often charges $2 to $3 per day for parking.

If the parking is not a problem you can leave a note about it at the time of pickup.

Be prepared for the parking lots to be busy.

Walmart does not always have a lot of parking spaces near its stores.

If this is the case, make sure you know how long it will take to get there and when you can expect to find a space.

This can be important for many people.

For most Walmart stores, parking lots are limited to three hours and three days per week.

To get the most space and avoid the parking hours, plan ahead and book in advance.

If Walmart is closed on Sundays or holidays, make an appointment for a car rental to arrive at your location early in the morning.