How to spot a bad tackle from the outside

The best way to tackle a defender is not to try to pick up the ball and hit him, but to keep the ball on the ground and then hit him with the tackle.

The trickiest part is to determine where the ball should be, which will be easier when you are behind the opponent and are facing him on the edge.

You can see the technique in the video above, which is from an attack by Bayern Munich in the Europa League final against Borussia Dortmund in 2013.

The ball was hit from behind the Dortmund line, but the tackle was initiated by the defender himself.

This is a good example of where it is important to keep control of the ball.

It is important that you do not allow the defender to move it too far, for example by forcing him to play it on the foot or by holding it on one side of the foot and then trying to move the ball away from the opponent.

When you hit a defender, the referee should make sure the ball is in the defender’s path.

If he does not, the defender is likely to get a foul and the referee has a big chance of sending off the player for a high tackle.

If the ball has touched the ground before, it should be allowed to run through.

In the case of a tackle from behind, the keeper should also make sure he does the same.

If a defender misses the tackle, he is in trouble and can be sent off.

However, if the keeper makes an excellent stop, it is not a big problem, as the referee will still be able to send off the defender.

A good goalkeeper is also the best way of making sure a player does not get tackled in the penalty area.

Here is an example of a bad defensive tackle from Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich: The goal from that tackle was scored by Messi.

If you think the goalkeeper made a great stop, that is a huge compliment to his performance, as it is a big reason why the keeper could not have done anything to prevent the goal.

Here are some examples of good stops from the goalkeeper’s part in the competition.

It was not easy to keep possession and score the goal, but it was the goalkeeper who kept the ball moving when the ball was in the opponent’s path and was able to make the save.

This technique is also a way to prevent goals, because the goalkeeper should not be able too much in the air when the goal is scored.

The goalkeeper should also take care not to let a goal pass through him because the player has to turn to the goalkeeper to keep his balance.

If Messi is not in the right place, a goal will probably be scored and the goalkeeper is in serious trouble.

If it is an excellent save, then you should also give the goalkeeper a shout-out as well.

If not, it means the referee did not really do anything right.

You should not let the goalkeeper get a yellow card, for instance, because this was a bad penalty.