East Wind spa is the best way to rejuvenate your body

A tropical resort in the eastern state of Tamil Nadu, the East Wind spa in the foothills of the Himalayas, is home to a unique spa system.

The hotel offers an array of treatments for those suffering from the common cold, as well as those who need to rejuvenated the body.

“You will get a unique experience of the spa and you will get the best of the natural healing in the spa, in addition to rejuvenation,” said Javed Khan, owner of the hotel.

“If you have some allergies or skin conditions, the cold and flu will not affect you.

It will not hurt your skin,” said Khan.

The spa’s guests are treated by a doctor, who uses traditional Indian medicines such as herbal tea and the traditional method of cleansing.

There is also a traditional herbal teacup for people with severe skin problems.

“The doctor uses tea leaves, tea leaves and herbs and there is an herbal teapot for all types of ailments,” Khan said.

The hotel’s guest room has a full-service kitchen, as did the resort’s spa rooms.

“We have a lot of natural foods in the kitchen.

They cook a lot, but if you eat the food you have to wash it before you eat it,” Khan added.

Khan said the resort has also been a model for other resorts in the area, as it has been able to offer the health benefits of natural healing through a combination of natural therapies, traditional medicines, yoga and other therapies.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, the head of the Department of Medical Science at the University of Hyderabad, has been promoting the benefits of traditional medicine in India for years.

He said that traditional medicine is a way of healing the body, while natural therapies have been used for centuries.

“Traditional medicine is being promoted by many countries and countries around the world to help the people who are suffering from illness.

They are using a lot more traditional medicines and traditional treatments,” Kumar told NDTV.

But, the government is now stepping in to take the traditional medicines out of the Indian market.

According to NDTV, in January, the Centre issued an order to ban imports of traditional medicines into India.

This is the latest move against traditional medicines.