The ‘Spa Beauty’ is in danger

The ‘spa beauty’ is a beauty brand that was once owned by Rose Spa.

The brand, which had its UK launch earlier this year, was sold to beauty brand, L’Oréal in 2016 for £5 million.

Now it is being taken private, with its assets being sold to a Chinese company.

The Chinese company is not yet revealed, but a tweet from the brand’s Twitter account on Friday said the company had acquired the spa brand.

“We are thrilled to be part of a new family of businesses that will transform the beauty industry and the lives of millions of people worldwide,” the tweet read.

The Spa Beauty website still exists, but was replaced with a new version, which said it had “closed”.

Rose Spa has a history of selling its products, including its signature ‘Sara Rose’ mascara, on the ‘Spas Beauty’ website, which is currently offline.

There were reports earlier this month that the Spa Beauty brand had been acquired by L’Oreal, and this was a step in the right direction for the brand, but its disappearance will certainly be a blow for Rose Spa and other beauty brands.

Rose Spa is now being marketed through another Chinese company, called ‘Shanghai Beauty’ or ‘Beauty Beauty’, which was reportedly set up by a Chinese businessman.

Rose Spa has since announced it would no longer sell its products to consumers outside China, and it is now selling its brands in the UK.

Image Credit: Instagram/Rose Spa, L,Oreal and Shanghai Beauty